Group Development Pakistan


This program aims to:

-  Mitigate environmental factors leading to CSA/CSEC, internal child trafficking

-  Develop local capacities to respond to child abuse

- Develop peaceful democratic processes based upon dialogue, solidarity, equity to improve child protection. Develop peaceful democratic process based upon dialogue, solidarity, equality to improve child protection

This program is conducted in collaboration with 2 local partners SACH and Vision and is funded by the European Union and Ecpat France. It focuses on consolidating Imtizaj II action and on building upon its learning by establishing shelters, providing rehabilitation services to street and vulnerable children, supporting non formal education schools, developing local capacities to answer violence against children and promote child protection, enhancing dialogue between various stakeholders including community members, CSO’s, government institutions, parliamentarians and donors to promote and enforce child protection in Pakistan in a sustainable manner: the project works at developing community based support mechanisms that would partly of fully continue the action beyond the project. However, this program focuses on one of the worst forms of violence against children: Child Sexual Abuse, Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and Internal Trafficking.