This project aims to:

- Promote and protect children and teenagers’ rights in Pakistan

- Reduce poverty among children/youth and the poor, in order to improve sustainability of their living conditions and education

- Create a favorable social, institutional and legislative environment for the development of poor children/young people through awareness and capacity building of the civil society, government actors, communities, families and children and young people themselves

- Reduce the vulnerability of these children / youth facing all forms of abuse, exploitation, trafficking, STDs / AIDS, and reduce the risk of depopulation and migration.

It is conducted in collaboration with 6 local partners Pahchaan, Vision, SACH, SEHER, Sheed, Sanjog and funded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Luxembourg, the European Union, ECPAT Luxembourg, ECPAT France and Air France. The main activities include: establishment of shelters, rehabilitation and repatriation of street children with their families. Capacity building of caregivers and development of tools to train social workers, lawyers and psychologists, law enforcement agencies on child protection and para-counseling, Sensitization and effective mobilization of stakeholders to promote and protect child rights, capitalization and experience sharing.